From A to Z and back to B, Edge of the Woods Market offers a wide variety of natural and organic vitamins and homeopathic medicines.
From health supplements to natural dieting supplements, the department offers a variety of products to meet our customers needs.

Locally Handmade By A Girl And Her Goats.

Locally Handmade By A Girl And Her Goats.

Within the department is also an assortment of beauty aids and cosmetics that are animal friendly. Also, the department offers health related books, over four hundred natural bulk herbs and spices, many types of fragrant incense and Tibetan bells, Himalayan salt lamps, beeswax and soy wax candles, chimes, and many other gift ideas.



The vitamins department also offers water filters for sinks and showers as well as the efficient and popular champion juicers.

IMG_0923For the pleasure of our customers and their children, Edge of the Woods offers a glass case containing honeybees and a bee comb so that you can see the inner workings of a bee hive. The hive is available for viewing from late spring into autumn.

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