Salad bar

At Edge of the Woods, our salad bar salads can be a good for you option, but only if you are salad bar savvy. Here are some salad bar strategies to ensure the salad you toss is diet-friendly.

Load up on the green vegetables

EOTWM-Food-Bar_33optOur salad bar contains many clorophyll containing goodies: spinach, several varieties of lettuce, and that "wunderkind"- kale.  Low in calories, but high on nutrition.


Add some color to your plate!  

EOTWM-Food-Bar_39optThe brightness of vegetables like carrots, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and other rainbow hued vegetables indicate the presence of "it's gotta be good for you" compounds like flavonoids, anti-oxidants and carotenoids. These and other color associated compounds fight cancer, reverse aging, increase your energy levels, protect your heart... the list goes on.

Be sparing on additions such as cheese, raisins, eggs and nuts.

EOTWM-salad-bar_4aoptWhile each of these have many excellent nutritional qualities, they pack a caloric punch, and can contain quantities of fat and cholesterol that are in excess.  Enjoy in moderation



Add some sprinkle.

Our Parma! sprinkle, found in the salad bar and to the left of the juice bar, contains nutritional yeast, a food that is, you guessed it, highly nutritional!  It contains B-vitamins - including B-12 which is not found in the plant based foods of the vegan diet - folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein. It’s low in fat and gluten-free.  It will impart a cheesy, savory, nutty taste to your salad.   A savvy way to top your perfect, healthy, delicious salad bar salad.

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