Our Values

Peter Dodge fundraising. At Edge of the Woods Market, we value our customers and work to provide them with the safest and healthiest natural products on Earth. The market makes every effort to educate our customers in many fields, including:

  1. Nutrition and well being
  2. Natural and organic foods
  3. Environmental issues
  4. Homeopathic medicines, natural supplements, natural medicines, and natural vitamins
  5. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

At Edge of the Woods, we value not just our store, but the community around us.  Owner Peter Dodge is a board member of the Whalley Ave. Special Service District, which was set up to improve the Whalley Ave. business sector and to maintain positive business practices in the area. This committee was established to spur business growth in the area through projects to update and maintain Whalley Avenue for all customers and the community.

Edge of the Woods has taken numerous steps to reduce the amount of pollution created at the store.

  • We sell reusable bags and natural cleaning products
  • We use recycled products.
  • We are actively developing a system to create our own natural compost from our kitchen, juice bar, bakery, produce and organic produce departments.

At Edge of the Woods, we are also committed to helping with the development of third world countries. The store currently funds two school systems in Haiti and one in the Dominican Republic.  We supply them with food, educational supplies, medical supplies, building supplies and plans for making Haitian life easier and more sustainable.

*If you have any suggestions or ideas for future growth opportunities please e-mail us and allow us to serve you.

Thank You,
Edge of the Woods Management
Peter Dodge and Family

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