Organic Produce

Edge of the Woods has been the main supplier of organic produce in the New Haven community for over twenty years! We receive three to four shipments of fruit and vegetables a week, and many more when local crops are in season. The organic produce standards that are used by the U.S.D.A are as followed:Absence of the following materials for at least three years: Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and sewage sludge. These rules have to be maintained as long as the company maintains their organic certification.

  • No irradiation, which is the process of exposing the food to radiation to kill any bacteria, insects, microorganisms, and viruses.
  • No genetically modified plants or organisms.
  • Proper practices in the following areas: crop rotation, manure management, soil building techniques, and conservation techniques.
  • Avoidance of cross contamination in all processes, from the farm to the store.
  • Records of operation must be kept and updated.

We always attempt to carry a wide variety of vegetables and fruit that are available seasonally. If you are looking for a specific item that we do not carry, please ask our buyer and if possible we will attempt to bring it in for you. Also, items can be purchased by the case for a discounted rate. Special orders normally can be filled within two to three days from the asking date. Stay well and buy healthy!OrganicAsparagus_2opt


Produce is seasonal and dependent on local markets’ quality and price. If the price is too high or the quality is low grade, owner Peter Dodge will not purchase the items or will purchase smaller quantities of the item. Please call ahead if you are looking to come in and purchase a particular item to ensure that Edge of the Woods has it in stock.

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