Edge of the Woods Market offers a large variety of magazines to entertain, educate, and enrich the lives of its the customers.   Here, in the front end, you will find magazines that have been hand selected to lead you down philosophical and educational paths that other, more conventional, magazines will not.   Here is a sampling of some of the magazines that you will find.   Happy perusing!




The Sun

This monthly magazine, begun as the Chapel Hill Sun in the 1970's, is filled with professional photography, short non-fiction and poetry by famous writers, and a section entitled "Readers Write." In this section, anyone, including you, can write in on an intentionally broad subject and see your own story published.  Published wordsmiths get a free year-long subscription to the magazine. Enhance your literary and artistic appreciation, get a slice of bittersweet, eloquent life, and maybe become inspired yourself.


One customer's array of Edge of the Woods magazines.


Mother Jones

This nonprofit news magazine specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting.  It is published bimonthly.  Their tagline "smart, fearless journalism"  sums up their dedication to factual, unbiased reporting that is not beholden to or funded by any large corporation.  They believe that keeping people truly informed is necessary for a functioning democracy.  So be a good citizen.  Keep yourself aware, read up on news stories that other outlets ignore, or strengthen - or switch - your view on continuing stories with Mother Jones.




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