Late Fall Produce News

As we transition into the winter season the growing area that serves Edge of the Woods, makes a big change. For all practical purposes farming in Connecticut is done. Canada which has become a huge supplier of high quality vegetables for the East Coast is also finished except for potatoes and onions. Connecticut orchards had a large crop of Apple’s and Pears this year.

Moving south, Florida’s vegetable crop is just beginning as Carolina and Georgia are finishing up. With really no bad weather this fall, Florida’s crops are shaping up to hit all their goals. Mexico is also starting to send lots of veggies  but Haas avocado prices may rise a bit due to the hurricane that came through last month.
California vegetable crops are winding down now as the Arizona and New Mexico are starting to ship.

Blueberries from South America are in extremely short supply as are strawberries from the U.S.. Florida’s strawberries should start soon toward the beginning of December.

Organic vegetable demand continues to grow as smaller farms are getting a foothold via CSA’s – Community Supported Agriculture. This is where people get weekly shares of the harvest that the farm produces. Farmer’s markets continue to get a larger market share of the local produce as well also more people are growing their own gardens. In our area, we see different chain supermarkets, like Big Y and ShopRite giving Stop and Shop more competition. Sams Club, Cosco and BJ’s also continue to be very stong suppliers of food goods.
As people become more aware of the foods they consume you see more “natural” food sets in the supermarkets. We are also seeing more large food manufacturers buying “natural” food companies to get into the “natural” industry.
The non-GMO movement continues to grow as more and more people are concerned about how genetically grown food might affect their health.
The landscape of the food industry is also changing as online delivery services are making greater effort to capture more food dollars. In a way, the main street, traditional food Stores are under attack. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the near future.
Happy thanksgiving from all of the staff at the Edge of the Woods

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