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023  How do you keep your home neat and clean, attend to all your work, school, family, administrative responsibilities, and try to leave a small environmental footprint?!  Edge of the Woods Home Care department is here to help!  We offer an assortment of products that are eco-friendly, effective, affordable and efficient.  With so much choice, the only difficulty you'll run into in this department is choosing the best product for your household.   Here, we'll spotlight a product that is not only a customer favorite, but comes from a company that has been a pioneer in the "green" cleaning industry.


Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Powder

Started in the late '80's in Burlington Vermont, Seventh Generation has led many advances in the green corporate movement.  Some of these are: they were the first North American cleaning company to bring branded 100% recycled fiber paper products to market.  They created one of the first "corporate responsibility reports." This report made transparent the company's policies and committment to sustainability and conservation.  Many other corporations would follow suit with their own reports.  It has also set several industry standards with the removal of 1,4 dioxane, formaldehyde, phosphates, chlorine and a number of other potentially dangerous chemicals from its products.  It was the first home care company to voluntarily list it's ingredients (and what they are/do) on its labels.  Truly a pioneer, and still based, in a LEED Gold certified building, not too far away, in Burlington.

004Seventh Generation sells several laundry detergents, liquid and dry, but we'll highlight the dry, powder one. It's ultra-concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It carries both a kosher and a "leaping bunny" certification (indicating that no cruelty or testing was done to animals.) It is free of synthetic fragrances and optical brighteners (chemicals which react to UV light make clothes appear brighter, but do not actually clean  clothes and may be harmful.)  Its bleach is oxygen-based and the detergent itself is biodegradable as many of the ingredients are plant-derived.   It can be used in any washer, and at any temperature, but Seventh Generation does recommend high efficiency washers and cold temperatures as both are more environmentally-friendly.  A great, effective, responsible product from a great, effective, responsible company.  Try some today!



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