Deliveries & Pick-up

For placing your orders, please  send us an email to

For a rough-list of our products visit,


When we finish an order we will contact you. Emails are being checked pro-actively. No deliveries are on SUNDAY.


  1. You may order groceries, bulk items, prepared food, bakery items, produce or any product in store, including products from our Health and Wellness department via email or phone.
  2. You must include a phone number, as you will receive confirmation and any clarifications via phone from a staff member.
  3. You may pay over the phone with debit/credit card, or in cash to our delivery person.
  4. Items are selected by a team member, packed and delivered to your specified address, or set up to be picked up in store, by customer.
    *Please state any specific instructions/location for deliveries.
  5.  *Please be aware that items may or may not be available on short notice.
  6.  *ORDERS will be delivered or ready for pick up as they can be completed.
  7.  *Returns must be noted within 24 hours.

Limitations and Expectations

  1. Orders will be available for delivery in the Greater New Haven Area. Towns we will be offering delivering service are: New Haven, West Haven, Woodbridge, Bethany, Orange, Westville, Branford, East Haven and Hamden
  2. Orders have a set delivery fee that is  ($10.00-$15.00) depending on distance.
  3. Estimated Time: Deliveries are expected to be fulfilled AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  4. Total cost of an order MUST be fifty dollars ($50.00) and up for deliveries.
  5. Due to certain circumstances out of our control, orders may or may not be delivered. Customer will be promptly advised of any changes/cancellations on deliveries.

Sample Email Order

Title email the way you see it in the red text below.



My name is John, my phone number is (123) 345-7890.

I need my order to be delivered at 123 Makebelieve Rd., New Haven 06511.

Please leave the items at my door-step and I will retrieve them later.

I would like:
10 vegetarian frozen meals (specify variety)
5 large carrots, 3 organic avocados, 1 lb cherries, 1lb yukon potatoes (or any potatoes)
A chocolate bar, a pint of chocolate vegan ice cream
A Picasso’s Potion juice from the Juice Bar
1 lb Potato Salad from the deli
1 lb of peanuts, 1lb oatmeal, 2.5 lb cashews
One large bottle of Wellness Formula vitamins and 5 single-serving Vitamin C packets

Thank you.

We would then follow up with what has been fulfilled in the order, as well as the total amount due and will ask for your credit-card information via phone when we begin/finish the order.

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