Deli (Kitchen)

Kale Salad


Kale Salad from the Deli



The Edge of the Woods deli and kitchen has many prepared foods with which to delight your taste buds and intrigue your gustatory imagination. (Or just feed you when you don't want to or don't have the time to cook.)  Satisfy your friends and family with grilled Edge burgers made from the Edge burger patty.  This vegetarian favorite is made from tofu, nuts, tahini, and cornmeal, and is the heart of  the Edge burger made just around the corner in the sandwich bar.  This ready-made patty will enable you to easily recreate this sensation  in the comfort of your home.

Other items come inspired from the Middle East, such as the dolma, a grape leaf stuffed with rice, mint, parsley, vegetables and olive oil, and the various flavored hummus (red pepper, pine nut, etc.).   The prepared foods available are always changing, but if you have a known favorite, you can always call ahead and ask for it to be made for you.  Just call the Edge of the Woods main number, (203) 787-1055, and ask for the Kitchen.   They can also make certain items while you wait, like the popular tofu eggless salad.

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