At Edge of the Woods we provide a plentiful dairy department. Available in this department is a wide assortment of milks, eggs, refrigerated juices, butters, spreads, yogurts, dairy-free products, kefirs, non-animal meat substitutes, tofu's, kambuchas, and other food toppings. The eggs we sell are cage-free, organic, and contain omega three. The chickens that produce these eggs are treated better than other egg-laying chickens. Since we are a vegetarian health food store, we consider it important to sell only animal made products in which the animals producing the products are treated well. Caring about the animals that produce these eggs and milks is very important to us. For all those who are interested in meat substitute products, we offer a large selection from breakfast substitutes to lunchmeats. Edge of the Woods has it all! Some of our better selling products are our Kambuchas, made from a live culture, and our raw milk, which is made locally and in an animal friendly manner. Some other products include food toppings such as butters, butter substitutes, mayonnaise, Veganaise, whipped cream, whipped cream substitutes, and a variety of other toppings. Also offered are soy probiotics, goat's milk, Greek style yogurts, and other soy and rice made products for those who have an allergy to milk products.

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