Think condiments are just mayo, ketchup, and mustard?  Think again!  Here are some new items and some new twists on old favorites to spice up your condiment rack and your meals.

Coconut Oil 

Edge of the Woods carries a great variety of coconut oils. This oil  is chock full of good for you fats and metabolism boosting medium chain triglycerides.  It  is a stable and flavorful substitute for other fats in sautes and stir-fries.  Plus it's great for your skin, and tastes excellent on its own.  But with so much choice, it can be confusing to decide which coconut oil is the best choice.  Here's a quick guide.


Spectrum Coconut Oil.

It's on promotion until the end of February, being reduced in price by over five dollars, so act quickly to get the best coconut oil for the frugal shopper! It's a refined coconut oil, indicating that it has undergone a chemical process to rid the product of any unsanitary substances and, in the process, additionally reduces the coconut flavor.  A refined coconut oil is perfect if you do not want a powerful coconut flavor in your final product.  Spectrum is a great company that offers a quality, consistent oil that is a customer favorite.


Dr. Bronner's Unrefined Coconut Oil 

Not just for cleaning anymore, Dr. Bronner's has branched out and created a delicious coconut oil that customers have said is so good, they eat it straight from the jar!   This product is unrefined, indicating that it has not undergone any chemical or heat treatment, and thus retains all of its coconutty goodness.  This includes having a higher proportion of those good for you fats.  This is a great coconut oil for coconut cream pies, for an addition to smoothies, for facial scrubs, or just for the random snack.

There are two varieties of Dr. Bronner's coconut oil: Whole Kernel and White Kernel.  The Whole Kernel comes in a black label - as opposed to the white label, White Kernel kind pictured above - and contains the husk of the coconut in the product.   The White Kernel does not.  The Whole Kernel unrefined version is coconut oil in its purest state, untouched, unhusked, and there is some evidence that the nutritional facts may be better.

There you have it, everything you ever needed to know about Coconut Oil but were afraid to ask!




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