Chips:  Snack Food Becomes Health Food 


Did you know that chips can actually be a nutritious way to snack, if you choose your chips carefully and avoid those over processed, oily chips?  Dip some Garden of Eatin' blue corn tortilla chips into hummus, slide some corn chips into your favorite always low calorie salsa, or just snack on the lovely superfood containing chips by Cofresh.  The chip section of Edge of the Woods ensures that your salty, savory needs are met nutritionally and with variety. You will never tire of the veritable smorgasbord of chips found in this section.

A great way food manufacturers have boosted the nutritional facts of the lowly chip is by replacing the usual corn base with more nutritionally sound ingredients: like quinoa!  (Pronounced: keenwa.) This "mother grain" of the Andes is a complete protein and contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and loads of dietary fiber!  It lacks gluten and is easy for many people to digest.   No wonder quinoa's reputation keeps growing among those in the nutritional know.

Quinoa's surging popularity also explains why Cofresh uses this grain as the core in its mouth-watering, light, addictive chips.   Edge of the Woods offers Cofresh quinoa chips in three flavors: Sundried Tomato and Roasted Garlic, Sour Cream and Chives, and Chili and Fresh Lime.  So, visit us in the chip section, and make your snack time, health-food time.   The taste will tame the salt-craving monkey on your back, and your kids - and your taste buds - will never know that these tasty treats are actually filled with super-food nutrition.   Happy snacking!


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