eotwm-Cheese_19optEdge of the Woods has an elegant selection of fresh cheeses to satisfy any lifestyle and appetite! We carry cheeses that are Kosher and Non-Kosher, traditional and dairy/animal bi-product free. A few of the more popular dairy free brands that we sell are: Follow Your Heart block style and shredded vegan cheese, Tofutti soy cheese slices, Go Veggie rice cheese slices, and  Lisanatti Food Company's almond cheeses. Other cheeses are also suitable for a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle: just read the labels and find the cheeses labeled vegetarian or animal rennet free.

As for traditional cheeses, we offer a variety of different kinds, from the simple and eotwm-Cheese_15optcommon ones to the harder to find more unique varieties and brands. We carry a selection of local cheeses from  Liuzzi's Cheese, a local producer in Hamden, CT. These cheeses include fresh Mozzarella balls house packaged in water, individually wrapped fresh and smoked Mozzarella balls, and fresh grated Parmesan and Romano. We also offer house-packaged cheeses including a variety of Cheddars, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Muenster, Provolone, Pepper Jack, and Havarti.

Other common cheeses include a line of Cabot Cheddars; from seriously sharp to 50% reduced fat.  From Northern California comes Humbolt Fog goat cheese, which is always in demand. eotwm-Cheese_7optFrance makes some wonderful cheeses such as Comte, Gruyere, and BrieEmmentaler Swiss, from Switzerland, is naturally low in sodium and has a lovely flavor. Norway makes the slightly nutty Jarlsberg, and we always carry different types of Gouda from Holland. We keep in stock a cow/goat/sheep cheese from Cyprus called Haloumi which has an extremely high melting temperature. It is touted as the "Grilling Cheese" and is commonly used on kabobs, especially during the warmer months.

If you like Italian Parmesan we have the highly desired Parmigiano Reggiano as well eotwm-Cheese_4Boptas an American produced Parmesan and Asiago, both wonderful for freshly grating yourself. As for pungent cheeses, we have Raclette and Morbier, Roquefort and Danish Blue .  For your convenience, we package Feta, olives of all types, artichoke stalks in oil, as well as spreads for crackers such as port wine, garlic and herb, and horseradish dip.

Whether you are looking for Kosher, Organic, Vegan, Domestic, Imported, or cheese accompaniments, we have a wide variety!

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