Bulk Items

So many bins, so little time!

Bulk shopping is a great way to be a frugal shopper. Instead of buying entire canisters of food items, you can buy only the tablespoon or so that you need. This can be especially handy when it comes to purchasing baking supplies and spices. Why buy 6 oz. of cumin, when you need only two teaspoons? Come back if you like the taste and the recipe. If you don't care for it, you don't have a bottle going to waste, and you have room to try something new!

No self-respecting natural food store would be complete without a bulk section, and Edge of the Woods does not disappoint: in the last aisle of the store are bins galore! They are filled with everything from granola (of course) to forbidden rice, to brazil nuts to whole wheat flour.

You can also turn raw peanuts into freshly ground peanut butter in this department, and fill your reusable container or Teddy Bear with our local wildflower honey.


The Bulk Department is also a great way to get your snack on. Try one customer's favorite, the sweet coconut date rolls, or go with a perennial customer favorite -salty crunchy sesame oat bran (pictured at left.) Just open up a bin, fill up a bag, get it weighed, and snack to your heart's (and stomach's) content.  You'll be glad you did!

You can also find a bulk tea section in this department, but if bulk Equal Exchange coffee is on your list (which can also be ground to your liking), you will need to venture to the Bakery Department.

Bulk spices and herbs of every imaginable variety can be found in our Health & Wellness department, on the second floor.

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