Thirsty? Why wait?

055  One cannot survive on food alone, one must drink, and drink often to survive.  We are 70% water after all, and too many of us are dehydrated.  But, do not fear, the Beverage Department is here to quench your thirst, and give you a whole lot of health benefits.  Bottled drinks can be found throughout the store: to the right of the juice department, behind the cards, and near the front registers. An incredible variety exists.  Whether you're craving a healthier, non corn syrup containing root beer or a coconut water to replenish your electrolytes after an exhausting dance class, we are here to satisfy you.   The store does not sell alcohol, so if you are after that particular kind of beverage, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.  But Edge of the Woods does sell something a little different: fermented beverages.

Drinks from the Mother: Kombucha



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