Community Outreach

At Edge of the Woods, we value not just our store, but the community around us. Owner Peter Dodge is a board member of the Whalley Ave. Special Service District, which was set up to improve the Whalley Ave. business sector and to maintain positive business practices in the area. This committee was established to spur business growth in the area through projects focused on updating and maintaining Whalley Avenue for all customers and the community.

At Edge of the Woods, we are committed to helping with the development of third world countries. The store currently funds two school systems in Haiti and one in the Dominican Republic. We supply them with food, educational supplies, medical supplies, building supplies and plans for making Haitian life easier and more sustainable.

In our constant effort to educate and engage our community about our values and goals, we encourage you to reach out to us with any suggestions and innovative ways of becoming involved and build relationships that support our ongoing commitment to positively impact not only our community, but our world.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future growth opportunities please e-mail us and allow us to serve you.

Thank You,
Edge of the Woods Management
Peter Dodge and Family

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