A New Take on Weight Loss

Many Americans suffer from being overweight and obese. These conditions predispose Americans to a variety of disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. The root causes of people’s weight issues are the same triggers that fuel the various diseases. While many people feel that losing weight is an upward battle, that requires immense amounts of time effort and dedication, losing weight can be inspiring, fun, and some of the benefits of this path of weight loss can be felt within the first week! Losing weight is something many have tried to do before, using diet pills, extreme diet therapies, and more. When people attempt to lose weight using these short cuts or extreme measures, the results often times don’t come, and if they do come, they often times don’t stick.

In this article we are going to cover safe, effective ways to promote weight loss through diet therapy and supplementation. Remember to talk to your doctor about diet changes, and new supplement regiments, for nothing in this article is medical advice, nor is it intended to be a substitute for such.

There is an epidemic of addiction in the United States, and one of these addictions is one of the driving forces of American’s weight issues.  Can you guess what it is? This addiction is something that children have, the elderly, and everyone in between. Its sugar! Sugar is something Americans are getting way too much of, and this is one of the primary causes of people’s weight issues. Sugar causes your blood sugar to rise, which causes insulin to be released.  When insulin is released it triggers your fat cells to begin absorbing all of the normal energy from your meals, causing the fat cells to expand and grow. Since the fat cells store all of the calories, the rest of your body remains unnourished, causing hunger. Every time blood glucose is spiked and insulin is released, this is a trigger for your body to begin to put on more weight. Now remember raising blood sugar and releasing insulin is not a bad thing, and it is a normal healing process of our bodies, we need this to grow, to put on muscle and to store energy, but this normal process can be abused and can become unhealthy when done in excess.

The solution to this problem and the ways to rebalance insulin is the following: stop eating those sugary food products! This includes: cookies, cakes desserts, sodas, and packaged fruit juices! These are loaded with sugar with little to nutrition, and all they do is spike blood sugar and leave you heavier and hungrier. It is also important to put a severe limit of things that contain high carbohydrates with little fiber, such as pastas, wheats, breads, crackers, biscuits and so on. A carbohydrate is simply a complex sugar, so it has the same hunger and weight inducing effects on your body if it is not balanced with natural dietary fibers.

So now that we have covered what to avoid, what do we replace these foods with to assist is appetite control, weight loss, and positive energy? Veggies! That’s right; your leafy green veggies are jam packed with everything you need to promote a healthy body and mind. These veggies will help you to feel fuller for longer, and will greatly improve your health! These veggies are loaded with fiber, which helps absorb toxins from the gut, leaving your intestines cleaner, and they are also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are the substances in foods that your body needs to perform all of its jobs, like thinking, moving, turning on your immune system, making your hormones, and more. Since these foods are loaded with fiber and are low in carbs, you will have no blood sugar spike, meaning you will stay fuller for longer, will have way more energy and feel better from the meal.

Now eating lots of veggies can be time consuming and can really work your jaw, so what’s a good way to consume as many veggies as possible? Blending! Take as many veggies as you can, like broccoli, kale, chard, arugula, and blend them up! Add in some lemon juice and ten blueberries for a smoothie! Throw in a tablespoon of organic olive oil to make sure your body absorbs all of the vitamins and minerals, and to help you feel fuller for longer. Many of you may not like veggies, and may be less than inspired by thought of having a smoothie every day, but that is because your body is used to the unhealthy way you’ve been eating. In as little as one week of cutting out the junk sugar foods and replacing them with these veggies, your body’s tastes will being to change. It will even being to fall in love with the feelings and taste of the veggies!

Now let’s talk about fat! The fat that is in foods that is. Remember that dietary fat does not equal body fat, for fats do not have the ability to spike blood glucose! It’s not the fat that is causing unnecessary weight gain, it is the sugar! I want to make one point about this: not all fat is good fat. If the fat you are consuming is a trans-fat, or a damaged omega 6 fat, like flax seed oil, soybean oil, canola oil or walnut oil, the risk on your health begins to increase. That is because these fats contain inflammatory properties and this can trigger weight gain, and make it a pain to lose weight. When consuming fats stick with, grass fed butter, organic olive oil, wild caught fish, coconut oil, and avocado oil. These fats will leave you fuller for longer, and will also be high in calories, which can help you produce your energy in the absence of sugar and carbohydrates!

The other magic food to eat on this quest of weight loss is fermented foods! Fermented foods contain billions of bacteria that will colonize your large intestine. These microbes live on all of the dietary fiber that you consume from your veggies, and these creatures help you break down your foods, and convert your vitamin and minerals into useable forms, to enhance your nourishment. These bacteria also produce neurotransmitters like serotonin, and can be supportive cognitive health. When there is great bacterial diversity in the gut, filled with healthy probiotic bacteria, people often times have better results with weight loss. When a person has little bacterial diversity in the large intestine, they tend to have poorer health, and well as greater challenges with weight loss. Store bought raw sauerkraut and kimchi are great ways to get these wild diverse bacteria populations into your large intestine, which can enhance your health and promote weight loss. It is also inexpensive and easy to make your own fermented foods, and there are many videos and books created on the subjects for the everyday person to make their own!

Before we close on the dietary part of this article, let’s talk about foods to limit while you work on losing weight: fruit! Now fruit is good for you, but it is also high in sugar, so too much can spike blood glucose. A few berries in your smoothie will not hurt you, but 3 bananas blended in some fruit juice can be a recipe for an excessive insulin release! Have fruit in moderation, and save the bulk of your fruit consumption for later in the day, as this will give your body the whole day to burn fat for energy, while at night your body will use the fruit to replenish the sugar stores in your liver and muscles. Remember to stay away from food for at least 3 hours before bed to promote weight loss, better sleep, and better hormonal health!

Now let’s get into a few of the best supplements ways to promote weight loss! Inflammation control is crucial to helping you lose weight because chronic inflammation is not only a culprit in many health conditions, it is also something that holds many people back from weight loss. When your body is in chronic inflammation, your body goes into a state of increased resistance to the hormone insulin, which means that it stops working as well. That means that when your blood sugar spikes, the sugar will stay in the blood, because the insulin won’t be able to get it out of your blood and into your cells. The excess insulin will again trigger your fat cells to continue hoarding all of the calories that are consumed, causing additional weight issues. Supplements like turmeric and green tea can be highly beneficial for inflammation control, and can help someone get their health turned around in combination with a healthy diet.

For most people it is their diet of high, sugar, carbs, and bad fats that are the driving force of inflammation. Turmeric will help someone get the inflammation under control, and will also help weight loss through a process called autophagy. Autophagy is a process of detox and recycling of damaged cell components, which will, in the long run help get inflammation under control. Turmeric, green tea, and organic Earl Grey tea will all help autophagy turn on, and this will clean the body of old damaged cells, which will rid the body of chronic inflammatory stressors.

Hormone helping supplements such as iodine, adaptogens and vitamin D3 will also help with weight loss. The iodine allows the thyroid gland to produce its thyroid hormones which govern metabolism. If someone’s thyroid is not making enough hormones, weight issues can ensue. Vitamin D3 acts as a hormone in the body, and is a regulator for many systems such as our circadian system of wake and sleep. When this system is disturbed, hormonal issues will also ensue and weight loss can be more of a challenge. Adaptogens are herbs that curb the body and mind’s response to stress; for when we are stressed we release stress hormones from our adrenal glands, located just above the kidneys. When we produce these stress hormones, it throws all the rest out of the hormones out of whack, leading to weight gain, as well inflammation. All of these in combination with healthy sleep, with as little light as possible will help balance hormonal health, and can super charge weight loss in combination with a healthy diet.

Another supplement that is ideal for inflammation control as well as weight loss is a product called Restore by Biomic Sciences. This supplement allows for leaks in barrier systems in out brains and guts to close, ensuring that food and toxin doesn’t go to the areas of the body it is not supposed to go. This can radically assist in inflammation control, and can really help those who wish to improve their health and may promote weight loss. It also helps the bacteria in the large intestine, as well as the skin and sinuses, to produce the chemicals that they use to be able to communicate more effectively with each other.

Use this article as a great brainstorming starter for weight loss that not only feels good but is gentle on the body, and can have life changing effects! Make sure to consult your physician about any changes you make in terms to your supplements and diet to ensure that this process is safe and healthy for you!

For more info Tyler can be found in the Vitamin Dept at Edge of the Woods.

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