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Edge of the Woods Market is now hosting¬† Seva Boutique permanently on the second floor. Located on the second floor we will be offering beautiful clothing of tops skirts tunics blouses wrap skirts, wrap pants, pants, woolen jackets, ponchos, sweaters and Men’s traditional Indian shirts and pants. Also there will be bedspreads jewelry arts and crafts wall hangings embroidery paper made lamps bead boxes and many many more things.

View the Seva Gallery here


“Seva” means “selfless service or service where there is no desire to get anything in return. So in service there is only giving and no question of taking. Even if somebody gives in return, the mental attitude should be not to take anything. This alone his service”
These are the invaluable words of Sri Sri Anandamurti, the spiritual guru, philosopher and founder of Ananda Marga.

Women’s Welfare Department was founded by him in May 1965 so that we, the daughters (dedicated monks) can especially help to uplift women in all the physical mental and spiritual spheres. We are addressed as”Didi’s” and we teach yoga, meditation, and also do social service, run projects that are found around the world.

Some examples are schools, children’s (orphanages), medical clinics, vocational training centers for women and young girls and many other activities.

The purpose of Seva Boutique is to raise funds to help those service projects in many countries that suffer financially.


We are very grateful for all sisters and brothers who help and support our effort.

” We stand to create a powerful dynamic and hops urging of social consciousness especially around women, so that they are inspired to rise, abolish dogma and annihilate all symbols of slavery and a share in a new era of coordinated cooperation and glorious achievement. Let women be the Vanguard of a new revolution which humanity must achieve for a glorious tomorrow.” Sri Sri Anandamurti


And above all, our heartfelt thanks go out to Edge of the Woods Market who have graciously given us this beautiful space to sell our goods and raise money for this wonderful cause.


View the Seva Gallery here



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