Do you Know Your Roots?

Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Now that the Holidays are over it’s time to talk yams. Well, not just yams, but also their easily mistaken friend, the sweet potato. Each have their own nutritional strengths and by the end of this post you will know the difference! Very different yet often confused. Although yams and sweet potatoes bear some resemblance, they are not even distantly related, genetically speaking.  When set side by side one can see
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Pizza Thursdays & Sundays – It’s A Secret…

Mixed Veggie Pizza

…and John Lynch, the pizza chef at Edge of the Woods, will not tell you his secret recipe but he will share his passion for pizza.  These sought after creations combine old-world craftmanship with Rabbinical supervision. In the grand tradition of Wooster Square’s famous apizza,

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Why Choose Organic

Benefits of Organics

8 Compelling Reasons for Opting for Organic

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All About Celery!


Celery is certainly one of the most popular vegetables here in the United States. Found anywhere from elite cocktail parties to a robust winter soup, celery makes its mark. Any salad benefits from the vibrant crunch of celery, and soup stocks develop rich, distinct flavor with the inclusion of its frilly leaves. Because of its year-round availability, it is always easy to serve as a side-dish vegetable, in a salad,
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